Salary to Cornucopia: a critique on the current desalination practices

"Campaign" for my proposed art installation on the topic of Desalination

The installation will be called:

Salary to Cornucopia


Salary to Cornucopia, 2017 will be a critique of the current desalination practices happening all over the world.  I will be creating a visual representation of the effects of current desalination alongside a visual representation of were we can positively go with this practice since it important for some countries as well as inevitable in our future lives.

Who is this installation for?

I am wanting to bring this issue to the attention of the individual consumer and hoping this will help to out pressure on the policy creators to make a change on regulations around desalination around the world.

Effects of current desalination plants on global warming and thus increase of salination in the oceans

Gallery Installation Proposal for Salary to Cornucopia