Midterm - Presentation for Hedwig

Documentation of Building the Set:

Top Stage view

Front stage view

Midterm Presentation:


The general scene is one of disrepair. This production takes place while the Belasco is being renovated. Old, peeling show posters litter the set, as do leftover and forgotten props, often broken down into pieces of what they once were. Old show programs are used as kindling for makeshift fires. Squatters hang from the rafters and balcony of the theater. White sheets cover lumps of furniture. A broken down baby grand piano is on the stage, as are a stack of amps and some makeshift lights from Hedwig’s band.


As the theatre has been abandoned, sheets cover furniture and boxes. Some of these sheets are pulled up to form flat projection surfaces (billboards in Times SQ)


Sheets that douple function as drop clothes/dust covers and projection surfaces


A makeshift setting is shown in a sickly green hue. All the sheets are covering the stage elements.

We imagine squatters are sitting on the scaffolding and help raise the pallets to create a more intimate and focused area for the kitchen scene.


While no projections or video are used in this scene, we focused on the lighting.


We’ve decided that the necessary ‘lens’ that the story must travel through, and that ultimately makes the beginning of the play look so different from the end of the play, is the Wicked Little Town reprise. It is here that Hedwig ultimately realizes her own autonomy and is able to “let something go, by leaving something behind”


Abstract representations of Times Square, on panels or blocks. We used snow- weather to indicate both a change in place (times square, tommy outside the theatre) and an emotion that builds throughout the song.


Fragmented Face that evolves over the course of the song.

Fragments reference the tiffany stained glass of the theatre.

The effects displayed in our projections are interactive with the performer in terms of sound and frequency.


Walking away and leaving something behind has become redemptive, rather than punitive. Hedwig leaves behind her resentment, the ideas of who she thought she was supposed to be, and is now not only capable of building herself up, but ultimately of building up others.

    • Sheets come back down, a hole in the ceiling has been exposed, providing a focused spotlight on the interaction between Yitzah and Hedwig.
    • The weather that was in the previous scene is now focused through the hole bringing us back inside the theatre.
Here is the documentation of the song (Scene 2)