Wilde Eastern- Our VR Film

Pre Production

Here is out update on where we are with this film:

The Premise of the story is the following:

We enter the high contrast black and white world of a film noir where private eye, William Wilde, is  investigating the disappearance of Scarlet Redd. Scarlet is the wife of a furiously jealous yet prominent businessman Beau Redd. Scarlett was last seen at the Montauk Manor, a local hotel with a dark history. She is rumored within the hotel to be having an affair William Wilde, because they have been spending time together. The manor is filled with curious characters with questionable intentions. Determining where your gaze falls in this virtual world determines the ultimate fate of Scarlett. Choose wisely! Everything is not as it seems.

I drew out the scenes and where the camera was to be placed so that we the DP could have an understanding of our vision:

visualSceneLayout-Wilde Eastern

Our lighting team created this document that summarized the lookbook/mood board of the film:

VR FILM NOIR-lighting-forprod

Here is the draft of the script:

Wilde Eastern Shooting Script


We were lucky enough to pull off shooting this film in one day, but originally estimated that it would be a two day shoot.  Our amazing producers were able to get us a Jaunt VR camera (see below) so that we could capture this story in high quality.


It was really a great experience and I learned a lot on set like actor distance from the camera, light techniques, etc.

Here are some more shots on set


Here you can see our two producers, Rebecca Martos, who also played a maid in a scene, and Richard Kim in the foreground.


A celebratory drink after a long day of shooting.

Post Production

With all the high quality footage in the cloud, I have started editing the film.  We are using WondaVR for the point of interaction in the film and will be exporting this piece for the Gear 360 headset. I'm hoping to have the final edit on lock by next week and then we can go ahead and replace the low res footage with the high res footage from the cloud.