Nothing: Final Proposal

I am working with Lindsey D and Akmyrat to play with the concepts of walls and barriers between individuals and how we can start to bring down those barriers and build connections through non-verbal interactions. We are hoping to create a scene where an individual sits at a table and the another individual joins them. However, the other individual will not physically be in the room. Rather, they will have a similar set up in another room and we will be projecting the individual from the one room into the first room and creating the illusion that the individual is at the same table.

Here is a sketch fab visual created by Akmyrat to demonstrate the scene:

The individual in the scene with the blue table would be the one that is actually physically in the room while the other parts of the table would be projected onto the wall.

We want to work with the concept that if you do different gestures, it changes the space in the other quardant