Final Project Proposal - Moodboard / Shooting schedule

Initial Proposal

Penelope and I want to create a film noir, raw, cinematic 360 experience from the POV of the viewer.  We are thinking of having two ending in the film so that if you don't get all the clues in time you may get an alternative ending. We are hoping to use Wonda VR so that depending on the gaze of the individual, they will be able to have snapshots of different character's storylines in the film that will help to solve the missing persons call.

Films that we are basing our style off of: 

  • The third man
  • Double indemnity
  • notorious
  • touch of evil
  • NYT VR
  • the big sleep
  • Lady in the Lake
  • Rope
  • Victoria.



Shooting Schedule:

March 8th: 3 references with some photos of storylines that we’re interested in.

Script/Story: March 17th

Location Scout/ Start on creating storyboard: March 23rd

Finalize Storyboard: March 29th

Tech Research and Development: Understand what we can do before April 8th, but majority of this will be completed in post.

Prep Date: April 8th

Production Date(s): April 9th

Post Production Dates: April 10th — April 30th