Class 5 - Midterm Presentations

Our Presentation of the Midterm Challenge:

The main takeaway and proposed solution from our challenge can be found on the last slide of the presentation deck:

As we mentioned in the readings for this week, it is important that we share our failures so that others don't make the same mistakes over and over.  A failure should be looked at as a learning experience.  As for our midterm presentations, some solutions couldn't definitively be resolved and others had multiple solutions with no obvious answer.  We all however, ran into many challenges in the exploration of completing these assignments and I learned a lot from the roadblocks that other groups ran into.

Interesting points from FailFaire presentations:

Challenge: Transmitting an important message/package to UN from NYU in a city-wide disaster

  1. Often times, laws and regulations are a huge factor for most potential solutions (drone usage for moving important package or message during city blackout)

No bank accounts how do you pay for everyday items? Can you make someone pay for you remotely?

  1. Amazon points to pay are borderless

Sending money to an individual to another country to an individual that only has a feature phone.

  1. Telefonica partnership with UNICEF
  2. lack of infrastructure
  3. lack of trust on new platforms

What are the bare minimum documents and account access for each individual to survive and function in a society?

  1. NYC ID is actually very limiting and difficult to get.
  2. May not be able to get a bank account
  3. need photo ID and proof of residency to get one. --- hard for homeless

Helpful final notes:

Good job surveying the entire situation

system diagrams are helpful and help to explain