Class 4 Readings + Object assignment

In the reading, Leslie Bedford talks about how storytelling, if done correctly, can have a profound effect, a "transformative experience" to the viewer.  I truly feel that the most well told stories have an ever lasting effect on the individual and these are the type of stories that I want to create.  It helps to keep a critical eye on the reason why you are telling the story and if the correct message and feeling is being captured. "...stories are powerful because they do not fill in all the blanks. They open up a space into which the listener's own thoughts, feelings and memories can flow and expand. They inspire an internal dialogue and this ensure a real connection."  - Garrison Keillor. This is a really powerful quote that I think should be something that I refer back to whenever I try to tell a story. With this in mind, now that I reflect, some of the films that I worked on in the past that were less successful were the ones that had way too much dialogue and detail leaving no room for the individual viewer's interpretation.

For my object assignment, I wanted to work with a different medium.  Thus using slides as my object seemed like a perfect nostalgic way to tell my story about the origin of the slides and how I came to possess them.


I wanted to project the slides on the wall as I talked about the their story.  Here is a 360 video that shows me going through the slides for the first time at my house:

Here is the story I attached to the slide show in class: Fist Full of Slides - Object for Collective Narrative