FairyTales as Myths, Myths as Fairy Tales

I have to admit that this week's readings in regards to what Walt Disney did to the original fairy tale stories shocked me. I was unaware of how he manipulated them which saddens me.  I think this quote from the reading sums it up better that I could: "[Disney's] close adaption of fairy tales with patriarchal codes indicate that all the technical experiments would not be used to foster social change in America, but to keep power in the hands of individuals like himself, who felt empowered to design and create new worlds." Many of the characters in Disney's films were adapted to subtly tell his own story and he often injected himself into characters.  He also often changed main story concepts to emphasis the woman's role in the story was to be the home keeper, and to focus on class segregation.

For our assignment, we were to create a story board for our tale and represent two major instances in our stories into a physical model.

Below is the beginning of my story board


And here is my very bad attempt at making a popup version of two of the most important scenes:

Scene 1: Cheeto Face taking over the land of Gamehendge and announcing himself as king.  He pollutes the waters and starts to knock down the forest to build a city.

Scene 3: When Colonel Forbin decides to decent into the world of Gamehendge.  This video is supposed to be the cellar hatch that appears in the bodega