Midterm - Proposal


For my midterm project, Alejandro and I have decided to pair up to expand on one of his previous projects that he made earlier in the  semester.

We have a couple of ideas, but haven't finalized anything concrete.


The main idea is that we want to make a music making machine that reads a strip of translucent colored material where bands of alternating color sections are read from a light sensor that is mapped to create a song. We will be mapping the different colors to the distinct tones that, which either via (1) a revolving disk, or (2) a moving flat sheet will create lyrical sounds.

Movement of music maker

We need to determine how we will move the strips of of translucent strips.  A DC motor might be effective for the rotating disk, but we are unaware of how to move the strip along a track.


Representation of colors

The other variable that we need to determine is how we will represent the colors on the strip.  Do we want to simply tape together colored acrylic sections to create the song or do we want to have it more of a contribution from the user by having them color the bands using a marker on a transparency film strip.