Composition is an extremely important concept that needs to be considered from the beginning all the way to the through to completion when designing. We were asked to create a potential ITP Winter Show 2016 poster that demonstrates what ITP means to me.

I key concept that I think really represents ITP is the fact that this program is the intersection of so many different types of disciplines, so that is what I wanted to focus on in creating my poster.

I made two images with the same concept

Proposal 1:

I wanted to use the idea of the Manhattan subway map to show inter-sectionalism of ITP.  I took the current subway map and manipulated it so that ITP was the center of it's surrounding lines. I also labeled each of the subway routes in a couple of the disciplines that we frequently see here at ITP. I attempted to create my own "map" to the event that these two eager prospective students are preparing for. Including these perspective students, along with their messy handwriting, adds a human element to the image.

Additionally, ITP on the map, was intentionally placed to the left and down to create an appeasing composition, rather than having it simply in the middle of the image.


Proposal 2:


This was the original image that I had in mind. I feel as though the both put forth the concept of inter-sectionalism, but this one has the human element left out.

Out of the two, I believe Proposal 1 is the strongest choice.  It seems to grabs the eye and feels easier to relate to.