Switch + LED Circuit

Project Expectations

For our second class assignment, we were asked to create a simple application of switch and LED circuit.

Below is my pushup switch:


After moving to Manhattan, I've been feeling the roughness that the city can exhibit.  With this in mind, I feel like it's important to take my personal safety into my own hands.  Strength building is something that I haven't been great with in the past, but it's never too late... right?

I decided to create a circuit that is only closed when an proper full pushup is completed.  When my nose, wrapped in conductive copper tape, touches the aluminum-covered pad, the green LED lights up to indicate a complete circuit and perfect pushup.


Nose attachement:
  • copper tape
  • black jumper wires
  • alligator clip jump wire


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Breadboard with 220 Ohm resistor, green LED, and alligator clip jump wires
  3. wooden platform with aluminum-wrapped landing pad and alligator clip jump wire