While working for Adobe this past summer, I wanted to show the interesting capabilities that 360° video can have on storytelling, as well as the pitfalls of the current technologies. With this in mind, I shot Innermore in 360° and well as in the traditional 16x9 medium to show off what each technology was affective at portraying in the narrative.

Roles: Creator, Script Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, Prop Master, Stage Manager, Editor, Technical Director, Camera Operator (360), Ambisonic Audio Capture,


innermore - a 360° Narrative film

Innermore is a short cinematic 360° piece that reveals, the protagonist, Monique’s, inner most desires to travel the world and to get enough confidence to free herself from her overbearing boss and dead-end job.

I wanted to compare the film in 360° and 2D to really emphasize the impactful aspects that 360° does well for narrative films.

With this experimental narrative, I was able to play with techniques on how to direct the viewer's gaze.

  1. Spatialized Audio

  2. Movement of an actor from one part of the sphere to the other

  3. And intentional cuts that helps to encourage to look in a spot

Duration: 5 minutes 40 seconds

Innermore - 2D / 16 x 9 Exploration

This is the 2D, 16x9 companion piece to the 360° short film.

Captured on a Blackmagic and with an ambisonic mic.