Christina Elizabeth Hall

Tiny Brother- A short video installation made with code


Mice live in the walls of every building in NYC.  I’m pretty sure I can hear one scratching at the interior of the wall behind me as I type this.  These rodents infest all our lives and with that observe what we do and get to know our patterns (when we are active, when we sleep). It’s almost like they are monitoring us 😉

I have a mouse problem and so with this assignment I figured I would express my frustration in a short video.  We were assigned to hack a camera and control it with code and then edit the video with code.

I decided to take a surveillance camera and bring it into my home to play the POV of the mice in my apartment.  I hacked the camera using Python and used the face tracking code that is linked in my older post.

The camera is finding the face in the frame and then zooming in on the face. I grabbed some youtube videos of mice to cut in between and used python to edit the video.


I haven’t yet be able to get a good grasp how to edit audio in python, but hoping it will become more clear in the next coming weeks.

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