Christina Elizabeth Hall

The Fall of the Circus (Working Title)


Title: The Fall of the Circus (Working Title)

Team: Ji Young Chun, Chris Hall

Concept:  We are creating an immersive experience that approaches some of the history and the ultimate downfall of the circus.  The viewer will enter the circus and be shown some of the most compelling illusions that drove crowds to view these showcases.  Our goal for this piece will be for the viewer to experience an inviting time capsule that attempts challenge the way they think about the circus by providing a different perspective on its once showy demeanor.


We will have four circus tents that the viewer can roam freely within. We will use lighting, sound and smoke queues to attempt to guide the viewer, however. Each tent has a different story and illusion to explore spatially in both a visual and an audible sense.

Below are the ideas for each tent:

Wireframe + Interaction

Ji create a rough example of what the layout will look like in Unity:



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