Christina Elizabeth Hall

Salary to Cornucopia: a critique on the current desalination practices

“Campaign” for my proposed art installation on the topic of Desalination

The installation will be called:

Salary to Cornucopia

Salary to Cornucopia, 2017 will be a critique of the current desalination practices happening all over the world.  I will be creating a visual representation of the effects of current desalination alongside a visual representation of were we can positively go with this practice since it important for some countries as well as inevitable in our future lives.

Who is this installation for?

I am wanting to bring this issue to the attention of the individual consumer and hoping this will help to out pressure on the policy creators to make a change on regulations around desalination around the world.


Effects of current desalination plants on global warming and thus increase of salination in the oceans

Gallery Installation Proposal for Salary to Cornucopia

BIM: Data Cleaning and Retargeting


For this week’s lab we had to clean up our captured movements from the last week.  We had to fill in any data that was missing so that the skeleton is fully tracked for the entire take.

After this was complete, we were to create a character and apply the motion captured body (as seen above) to that character.

I decided to try to rig Ruby.  Fuse is very limited as for outfits, so I’m not sure that I will stick with this software. I might try Maya to further customize the characters.

After bringing Ruby into Motion Builder and Maya, I somehow lost her color and texture.

Here is what she looks like in Motion builder:

And here is what she looks like when I imported her into Unreal:

Ruby Walking in Unreal from Christina Elizabeth Hall on Vimeo.

I originally exported right from Motion builder with no success, but when I went through Maya, the import did work.

Re: [PLAY] Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Response to Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a play about love, sex and rock n’ roll


Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a play about a woman who puts her faith and love in everyone else in her life only to get hurt.


Hedwig was a genderqueer rockstar looking for love and acceptance.  Her mother never truly supported him/her, one love that s/he was convinced would take care of him, asked Hedwig to go undergo surgery to become a female and left him for another drag queen, and a boy child that s/he brought up and out into the rock n’ roll scene ultimately left Hedwig because he was uncertain of her transformation. Finally Hedwig finds a drag queen, Yitzhak, that loves Hedwig for who s/he is and accepts her/him when s/he decides to not dress in drag anymore and be the person Hedwig wants to be.

AltDocs – Photogrammetry


We were asked to capture an item with a volumetric capture and I decided to try photogrammetry:

The model is above and the process below:

The subject needs to be well lit:

This uniform light made it successful to use every image captured.  This was not the case with my first attempt

I tried to capture this amethyst on my balcony with natural light, and was not successful because the light varied on different side of the object:

Only 8 of 19 images were able to be tracked:

The non uniformity of the light outside made the item not able to be constructed into 3D. I only ended up with creating a flat image with in the 3D software;


Instructions on how to make it work can be found here.