Christina Elizabeth Hall

Location-Centered Narrative Experience


In response to our trip to the African Burial Ground fieldtrip in downtown Manhattan, Lindsey, Alex and myself decided to take to the streets of New York City and tell and some old tales from in a bar that’s over 150 years old— McSorely’s Old Ale House.

Lindsay frequented the bar when she was in undergrad only to find out that her father also frequented the joint when he was in his late teens.  We thought that it would be a great story to capture the essence of the historic bar while having the modern twist of some more recent tales.  We decided to shoot this piece in 360 video* so that we could attempt to visualize the experience you might have if you planned to have an evening at McSorley’s.

This was our journey from the floor of ITP, to the bar, from seat, to seat, to seat.  In the end we were smiling having gone through a new and wonderful experience in a location that we may never would have experienced without this project to guide us.


*because this is 360 video, you can drag your mouse in the video to change the perspective and see the whole scene

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