Christina Elizabeth Hall

Midterm – Progress


This week my group (Jared, Lindsey and Sharif) and I met to test out our top illusion for the midterm project.

We have decided to take on the barrier illusion in the exit stairwell from the fourth floor.  This is the inspiration and the piece that we are attempting to recreate:

We first attempted to map the tape with the Isadora software, but we were unsuccessful since this was our first attempt at the tool

Instead we resorted to a more simplistic way of attempting the illusion by drawing the square on a transparent film and the person from the POV of the illusion directed where the tap was to be placed in the space.



Midterm Challenge – DGIGB


Jixuan, Mithru and myself are working on the following challenge for our midterm:

These are a couple of rough sketches that we came up with in our first meeting:

Idea #1:  SMS ATM –

The sender sends money to the receiver and the receiver gets an SMS text with a code that they can punch into the ATM to withdraw currency.  The ATM then sends a notification of the withdrawal to the sender.

Idea #2 Blockchain + SMS money exchange.

The issue we are running into right now is that we aren’t able to test these hypothesis with an actual user, so we are unaware what are actually realistic.

Midterm Proposal – DVR


I am working with Alexia and Natasha to recreate an existing film scene in 360 video.

We have decided to work with a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey .  I’m excited about recreating this scene because there are alot of different technical techniques that we can use to recreate it.

The techniques that we will be using will be the following:

  • creating 360 footage from existing shots from the movie.  This Mettle tutorial shows how we will be able to do that
  • Using unity for different visual effects in the spaceship (**and audio effects outside the spaceship)
  • actors and live footage of the individual in the spaceship
  • depth kit to add some interesting visual textures to the experience (Calibration tutorialVisualize tutorial, Capture tutorial )

** a nice to have, but may be too much work.

Class 4: Learning Isadora pt 2 + Midterm Proposals


I am working with Lindsey, Sharif and Jared on the midterm assignment for this class. Here is our collective blog post that describes our possible options for creating an illusion for a particular space:

Additionally we were tasked to work a little more with Isadora to get comfortable in the software.  Here are some screenshots of that process:

This screenshot shows how you can move the location of a particular image on the screen

This screenshot demonstrates the ability to add effects to a video file (here I added the dot effect)